Monday, June 9, 2014

The Automotive Generation Drives Chevrolet

A generation raised on muscle cars like the Camaro; on luxury cars like the Impala; on the affordable family-style Malibu, and on the sheer need for speed like the Corvette; unlike the generations before them, the Automotive Generation grew up on motorized vehicles and the freedom of the open road. Whether by interstates, highways, or byways, they demand fashionable, affordable, safe, and economical auto-mobility.

Breaking out from the sporty Chevelle "muscle car" lineup, the Chevrolet Malibu, named for Malibu, CA hit the market in 1964, designed as a typical American family car sold at an affordable price. Today, the Chevy Malibu is wildly popular as a conservative midsize sedan, famous for its safety, and beloved by American start-up families.

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