Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ferrari Adding Turbos

According to a report in Automotive News, Ferrari plans a 20-percent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions across its fleet by 2021 by expanding the use of turbocharged engines and gasoline-electric hybrid power trains. The bigger challenge will be making the V-12 engines run cleaner, and for that, Ferrari plans to use some of the lessons it has learned from the LaFerrari hybrid hypercar. For optimal output and emissions reduction, turbocharging the V-12 engines would require four turbos, which would take up too much space and generate too much heat, so on future models using a V-12 engine, Ferrari is looking to use some sort of hybrid system. Like the California T, the LaFerrari is both cleaner and more powerful than its predecessor, the Ferrari Enzo. These examples alone have helped Ferrari reduce its fleet emissions by about 40 percent since 2007 when CO2 emissions were 435 g/km, but apparently there is still room for improvement.

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