Monday, January 6, 2014

Ferrari 2014

Rumors have been floating around the internet for the longest time about the 2014 Ferrari Enzo as new sophisticated car in the market. In fact, there have been so many of them that it has been a bit difficult to separate fact from pure fiction. However, there have been a number of more reliable rumors about this new model from certain trusted sources, the 2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 gets its name from company founder Enzo Ferrari. Naming a car after one of the most influential figures in the company's illustrious history is a testament to the amount of confidence they have on this particular model. Given the car's namesake, it will be perfectly normal for expectations will be high for this particular model. Expect this luxury car to become Ferrari's flagship in the coming years, 2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 is expected to become one of the most sophisticated cars of its time. This is primarily due to the rumored equipment and features that are expected to come with it. As already mentioned, there have been countless amounts of rumors about this new car. However, the rumors to be discussed in this section are the most credible ones. The features discussed in this section are the ones that will most likely materialize come launch date, The fastest Ferrari ever built is LaFerrari, which when translated from Italian to English reads: "The Ferrari." The name is a fitting one because the new model, powered by a gas-electric hybrid drivetrain, makes 963 horsepower combined.

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